Skip tracing and cyber investigation specialists.

We can help you locate people, discover online data, conduct skip tracing searches, analyse images, investigate cyber crime, verify online profiles– and much more.
Keeping you informed
You’ll receive regular updates from us, so you always know the status of our investigations on your behalf. And at the end of the investigation, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our inquiries, including evidence collected and any specific requests.
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Where we operate
We are based in Queensland and work closely with a range of client's in major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Our services can extend far beyond the cities to regional areas and small country towns, allowing us to assist businesses and people anywhere in Australia.
Adept, fearless, strategic
We’re committed to discovering the information you need. We’re strategic in tackling difficult situations, no matter what odds are against us. We know that every client is different and has particular requirements or requests. So we plan the best, most cost-effective way to operate for you – and guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

Expert services you can trust.

8mm Investigations is more than your average private investigation or skip tracing service; we are highly trained and dedicated specialists in our unique industry. We are determined to become the best skip tracing agency in Australia through our hard work, commitment and dedication to achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Our investigators and associates are accomplished, well established skip tracers, private investigators, lawyers, security providers and process servers, with decades of combined knowledge and skill. Having a tenacious group of talented and dedicated professionals working hard on your behalf is sure to put your mind at ease, no matter the situation.  

We understand that every case is different and every client has certain requirements. When you engage us to provide our services, you can feel confident knowing that you have a highly experienced team assisting you. Client satisfaction and a positive outcome always remains at the forefront of our thinking while we plan the most effective way to conduct our investigations on your behalf.

Peace of mind

Meet the founder.

Nick De Boer, founder and owner of 8mm Investigations, tailors his skip tracing and cyber investigation services to give you the best experience – and the best outcome.

From finding missing relatives or locating debtors to preventing internet fraud, cyber investigations or conducting image analysis, Nick helps a range of clients around Australia.
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Skip Tracing
We can successfully locate people right across Australia including debtors, witnesses, beneficiaries or persons of interest. We're professional skip tracers, which can save you time and money trying to find someone.
Missing Persons
There can be many reasons for someone to disappear without notice or become unreachable over time. They could be a family member, distant birth parent or an old friend. We can help you locate missing people, wherever they may be.
Cyber Investigations
Our cyber investigations can assist you with internet fraud prevention, image analysis, online bullying or harassment, online profile verification, cyber stalking and more.

Our services.

As an expert skip tracing and cyber crime investigation agency, we combine years of experience in different fields and advanced training to provide a professional, efficient and reliable service for all of our clients. From locating a missing person or tracking down debtors, to investigating online harassment or stalking and internet fraud prevention, we are committed to finding the right solution to resolve your matter with the best result possible.

Who Can Hire 8mm Investigations ?

8mm Investigations works closely with our associates throughout Australia including law firms, private investigators, security providers and process servers to ensure that every aspect of our clients requirements are covered seamlessly. Being an online based organisation, engaging us to assist you is not limited by our location or yours, which allows us to provide all of our services Nationally to a range of corporate and private clients including:

  • Credit Providers
  • Banks
  • Debt Collectors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Claims Managers
  • General Public

From one-off cases to bulk skip tracing, we have you covered.

Our aim is to assist everyone who requests our service, regardless of case size, complexity or volume. A flexible approach along with strategic planning ensures that we can operate efficiently within your timeline and budget. Whether you require a single skip trace investigation, bulk skip tracing files or cyber crime investigative services, we are just a message or call away.

Tell us what you need.

We take the time to listen to your needs and address any concerns you may have to ensure you feel confident and supported when engaging our services. And because we always operate ethically and legally, and protect your privacy, you can have peace of mind. If you need to hire a professional skip tracer or cyber crime investigator and are feeling unsure about how to hire our services or what the process involves, get in contact with us, we’re happy to help.