A cyber investigation agency you can trust.

We find missing people, analyse images, conduct cyber investigations, skip trace debtors – and much more.
Keeping you informed
You’ll receive regular updates from us, so you always know the status of our investigations on your behalf. And at the end of the investigation, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our inquiries, including evidence collected and any specific requests.
Where we operate
We are based in Queensland and assist a range of client's Australia wide.
Adept, fearless, strategic
We’re experienced in discovering the information you need. We’re strategic in tackling difficult situations. We know that every client is different and has different requirements. So we plan the best, most cost-effective way to operate for you – and guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

Professionalism, discretion and integrity underpin every part of our services.

When you hire us to investigate a person, a situation or locate someone, you can be assured of our absolute commitment to the best result for you. We bring years of experience to our work – experience using a wide range of traditional and online investigation methods. And because we always operate ethically and legally, and protect your privacy, you can have peace of mind.
Peace of mind

Meet the founder.

Nick De Boer, founder and owner of 8mm Investigations, tailors his online private investigation services to give you the best experience – and the best outcome.

From finding missing relatives or locating debtors to preventing internet fraud, cyber investigations or conducting image analysis, Nick helps a range of clients around Australia.
Profile photograph of Nick De Boer
Skip Tracing
We can successfully locate people right across Australia. We're expert skip tracers, which can save you time and money trying to find someone.
Cyber Investigations
Our cyber investigations can assist you with internet fraud prevention, image analysis, online bullying, profile verification and cyber stalking.
Online Activity Investigation
An online activity investigation can discover a person’s online life and activity across different platforms and applications –information that a standard background check won’t identify.  

Our services

Our online investigation services include skip tracing, preventing internet fraud, image analysis, online identity verification, cyber investigations - and much more.

If you require specialist skip trace or cyber investigation services, contact us for a free consultation. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you upfront – so you won’t waste your precious time or your money.

How can we help?