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With an increase in different types of internet based crime, even the most cautious person can be at risk. If you need help, contact us. We’re specialists in online crime and cyber investigations.
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Internet fraud

Scamming is a huge business. In 2019, reported scams cost Australians over a massive $630 million. Online scammers, sometimes referred to as a catfish, are people pretending to be someone they are not using a fake identity or profile. Internet fraud and cat-fishing is perpetrated by heartless people without a conscience, which can have devastating real life effects.

If you suspect a scammer has you in their sights, or if you’ve even handed money to someone and you’re not sure if they’re legitimate, contact us or the Police as soon as possible.

Our online investigation can uncover the details of online profiles, e-mail addresses and phone numbers to determine if someone is a scammer or attempting online fraud. This process allows us to verify the true identity of someone on a dating site or social media to discover if they’re being upfront, so you don’t fall in love with a fake identity and run the risk of being relieved of your life savings, along with a broken heart.

Using our expertise in cyber investigations, we can cross check any person’s online identity with real life information to establish if they are who they claim to be, despite how convincing they are. We can also help to track down the location of scammers, con-men, or anyone who has or is attempting to defraud or deceive someone online.

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Image analysis

Image analysis is a valuable tool that can be used during a range of investigations including criminal and civil cases. Images can contain not only discoverable digital data such as location co-ordinates, or the date when it was taken – although this is not always the case – the photo or video itself can contain clues or information to determine where it was taken.

There are many indicators within a photo or digital recording that can help to identify where and when it was taken - and possibly by who. It could be a sign in the background, landmark, hidden data or other minor detail invisible to the untrained eye. Having an expert analysis conducted on photo or video evidence can assist with resolving a case or gathering critical data.

As trained professional image analysts, we can extract valuable information from images and videos to uncover an exact location, collect evidence, generate investigative leads, determine the source of the original image or find out where it has been uploaded online.

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Online misconduct

Online misconduct can include threatening behaviour, stalking and harassment. These actions cause people undue stress, worry and fear. Perpetrators commonly use fake profiles, even friends’ profiles, and other means to harass, bully and stalk people online. They can post or send inappropriate comments or photos through social media, messaging platforms, websites or dating apps.

Online perpetrators often use an alias or a fake identity across different platforms to continuously pursue people without being caught, which can make it difficult to find the culprit or gather evidence. We use a range of investigative and unique methods to track online perpetrators down and obtain a location, their personal details or reveal their true identity; especially when accusations of serious inappropriate behaviour are concerned.

If online misconduct is causing you worry, contact us now so we can help to put an end to it. We’ve caught many people out and been able to hand them over to law enforcement officers.

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Discover Digital Footprints

Everything you say, do or upload to the internet is monitored and stored somewhere as it is cheaper to archive old data than to delete it. This leaves a digital footprint across the world wide web that can re-surface or be discovered at any time, by anyone. Your teenage My Space page, offhand comment on a forum, photo shared without consent or embarrassing video are all still there because even if you have forgotten about it, the internet hasn’t.

Our meticulous online information search across every corner of the internet can help you to track down old e-mail accounts, social media profiles, online accounts, photos, advertising and blog posts. We can assist with a wide range of specific internet searches and data gathering across thousands of websites and apps to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

In fact, we can help with anything that is publicly accessible on the internet for those people who want to determine their online presence or reduce their digital footprint. We’ll help to find where your information is present, allowing you to take back control of your personal data or work on erasing your online activity. As part of our service, wherever possible, we can also assist you with the process of having unwanted content or information removed.

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Living in the digital age and enjoying advances in technology and connectivity is exciting, however it can also leave people more susceptible to cyber crimes. From investigating online bullying and stalking, analysing images or videos for valuable information, searching for online data or accounts to preventing internet fraud, our unique approach and tactical methods ensure we operate effectively to assist our clients and deliver outstanding results.

We’re cyber crime investigation experts.

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Case Study

A client was being harassed online by an ex-partner. The harassment included cyber bullying, online stalking, and sharing images without consent. This caused great distress to our client.

Our client’s ex-partner had tried to conceal their online identity and location. We uncovered the person’s identity and confirmed their current residential address. We also found the sites where the images had been posted and forwarded all our findings onto the police.