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There are many types of internet crime and it’s best to protect yourself as much as possible. But if you need help, contact us. We’re specialists in cyber investigations.

Internet fraud

Romance scammers. People pretending to be from a bank, or a service – or even the ATO. Internet fraud is perpetrated by heartless people without a conscience.

If you suspect a scammer has you in their sights, or if you’ve even handed money to someone and you’re not sure if they’re legitimate, call us as soon as possible.

We can investigate details of online profiles, email addresses and phone numbers to determine if someone is a scammer or attempting online fraud. And we can uncover the identity of someone on a dating web site to discover if they’re being upfront, so you don’t fall in love with a fake identity and run the risk of being relieved of your life savings, along with a broken heart.

We can check a person’s online identity to verify that they are who they claim to be. We can also help to track down scammers, conmen, or anyone who has or is attempting to defraud someone online.

Scamming is a huge business. In 2019, reported scams cost Australians over a massive $630 million. Read the Scamwatch report.

Image Analysis

Images can contain not only digital data, such as location, or the date when it was taken – although this is not always the case – the photo itself can hold valuable clues to determine where it was taken.

It could be a sign in the background, landmark, or a road. There are many indicators that can help to track a person’s location, their travel history, or to generate a new investigation lead.

As trained professional image analysts, we can extract valuable information from images and videos to uncover an exact location, collect evidence or determine the source of the original image.

Online Misconduct

Online misconduct can include threatening behaviour, stalking and harassment. These actions cause people undue stress, worry and fear. Perpetrators often use fake profiles, even friends’ profiles, and other means to harass, bully and stalk people online.

They can post or send inappropriate comments or photos through social media websites or dating apps.

If online misconduct is causing you worry, contact us now so we can help to put an end to it. We’ve caught many people out and been able to hand them over to law enforcement officers.

Because some people use an alias or a fake identity across different platforms, we can track them to obtain a location, their personal details or reveal their true identity, especially where accusations of serious inappropriate behaviour are concerned.

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Living in the digital age and enjoying advances in technology can be just as intriguing as it can be dangerous. From investigating cyber bullying and stalking, analysing images or videos for valuable information to preventing internet fraud, our unique approach and tactical methods ensure we operate effectively to protect our clients and deliver outstanding results.

We’re online investigation experts.

Distressed woman sitting with one hand on her head and the other holding her mobile phone.

Case Study

One of our clients was being harassed online by an ex-partner. The harassment included cyber bullying, stalking, and sharing images without consent. This caused great distress to our client.

Our client’s ex-partner had tried to conceal their identity and location. We discovered the person’s identity and confirmed their current residential address. We also found the sites where the images had been posted and forwarded all our findings onto the police.