Our expert online activity checks help you make the right decision.

Background checks have become a way of life. Employers want to ensure that a new staff member is who they say they are. That they have legitimate qualifications, a valid work history and that they share the company’s core values.

People also want to know that a person’s online life is above board. It could be very embarrassing or costly for a company if they hire a person whose online activities could damage the company’s image should they become common knowledge or be discovered by a client or co-worker.

Our online activity investigation can discover a person’s online life and activity across different platforms and applications – information that a standard background check won’t identify.

Discover Digital Footprints

We can help you to track down old e-mail accounts, social media profiles, online accounts, photos, advertising and blog posts.

In fact, we can help with anything that is publicly accessible, for those people who want to determine their online presence or reduce their digital footprint.

We’ll help to find online accounts and websites where your information is present – allowing you to take back control of your personal data.

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Everything that is uploaded to the internet, even when deleted or forgotten about, can re-surface at a later date unexpectedly. Our online activity investigation can help you discover publicly available digital information so you can take control of your data, reduce your digital footprint or avoid an awkward situation.

Need to know if a person is who they say they are?