Skip tracing services in Australia.

There can be a myriad of reasons for not being able to contact someone. They could be a client, debtor, witness or a beneficiary, and we know that urgency to find them is often a factor. 8mm Investigations expert skip tracing services exist because we understand how precious of a commodity time is to anyone – especially when someone is unreachable. Our professional skip tracers are here to help and because we always operate in the most effective way possible, our clients always have peace of mind.

Skip tracing, as the term suggests, is the process of locating someone who is out of contact or is unable to be found easily. The term “skip” is a derivative of the expression, “to skip town”, most often to avoid paying a debt or to start a new life. We are here to piece together clues the person we are locating, sometimes referred to as the “skip”, have left before they disappeared. With a variety of tried and tested investigative techniques combined with reliable resources, we will find people for you, wherever they may be in the country.

If you are in need of a skip trace investigation in Australia, but feel unsure or overwhelmed about where to start, we are here to help you. It goes without saying that our services are a reflection of our commitment and understanding to our client’s needs and their individual requirements. Having a transparent and straight forward fee structure ensures we can spend more time working on your case, and less on the paperwork.

Whether you are looking for a debtor, witness, beneficiary or need to reconnect with existing clients, you can be assured that we deliver skip trace investigation services that are:
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Efficient
  • Tenacious
  • Dedicated
  • Cost Effective

The skip trace investigation service that delivers results.

We aim to guarantee that you are satisfied with the results we deliver. As a skip tracing agency, there are many ways that we can help you find the person, asset or specific information you are looking for. Our services are utilised to locate people, property, evidence or data for a wide range of reasons and by many different clients including insurance companies, financial lenders, law firms, claims managers, debt collection agencies and the general public.

We are committed to discovering and analysing valuable information that generates a lead find whoever or whatever you may be looking for. The distinctions of our skip tracing methodology and investigative process are hinged on the type of case we are working on, along with the reasons we have been hired to assist. If a case isn't resolved or a person can't be located within a week or two, we keep the file open in our system and continue investigating until we have more information.

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Skip tracing for debt collection

A debtor is defined as anyone who owes an outstanding amount of money to an individual, business or lender, which can be for a variety of reasons. Debts often include unpaid rent, overdue phone or credit card bills, to personal loans, invoices, child support or funds ordered to be paid by the court that remain unresolved.

In Australia, you may legally only have 6 years to attempt to re-claim an unpaid debt, serve legal documents or have the matter heard in court. When time is of the essence, contact us to assist in locating a debtor, before your window of opportunity closes.

People who owe money often become very elusive in the hope of avoiding their financial responsibility. They may change their name, appearance or activities to avoid being found by a debt collection agency or skip tracer. We also know that even the most cautious debtors slip up, giving us the opportunity to track them down for you.

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Skip tracing to locate a witness

A witness can be out of reach when they are needed most for a variety of reasons, especially with the passing of time. Fear or distress can cripple one’s judgment, and this is the kind of pressure can be a strong enough force to make a person flee their responsibility.

There are also situations where witnesses to an incident haven't been identified or contacted during the preliminary investigation, meaning valuable information to solve a case has not been recorded. In the event of an incident occurring, such as a vehicle accident or robbery, distress and shock can lead to witnesses recording incorrect information or important details.

Court matters can take months or even years to be heard. An essential witness could move or change contact details during the waiting period, which can lead to a scramble to find them in time. Focus on preparing your case while we locate the witness for you and gather the critical data you need, so you don’t have to worry when your day in court arrives.

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Our skip tracing services are conducted using advanced techniques, open-source intelligence and industry leading databases to locate people all over Australia, with remarkable results. Service cost includes a detailed report on completion, regular updates and associated fees without any hidden extras. We also offer discounts for bulk files and repeat clients.

Need to find someone urgently?

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Case study

A client had problems with a person stalking them over many years. When our client moved to a new house, they were worried that their stalker might have also moved to be closer to them and asked us to investigate further.

Within 15 minutes, we found the location of the person in question, identified their exact current residential address, and confirmed they had not moved or followed our client. We still monitor the stalker's residential movements to this day, just in case, at no cost to our client.

Why trust your business with 8mm Investigations?

We understand how difficult it can be to chase after people like debtors, beneficiaries or clients, especially when you have a business to run. Focus on your operations and spend time on the things that matter to your organisations goals while we locate these persons for you.

On top of using what’s easily available, such as social media or google search, 8mm Investigations utilises years of extensive training and experience in cyber crime investigation to deliver the best results possible. That being said, we maintain professionalism from end-to-end, which means that discretion and integrity come as part of the package from day one.

We always utilise investigative methods and paid databases that adhere to all National privacy guidelines to ensure our services on your behalf are Australian government policy compliant. So when it comes to skip tracing services or locating a missing person in Australia, our 95% success rate is a badge that we wear proudly.

Our skip tracing service covers locating people, property or information for a variety of reasons. We work closely with a range of businesses and industries including:
  • Credit Providers
  • Banks
  • Debt Collectors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Claims Managers
  • Local Councils