Drawn a blank with social media and White Pages Online?

We are experts at finding people, with a 95.5% success rate. Our investigators are discreet and professional at all times and always protect your privacy. We specialise in locating missing persons and skip tracing using online resources and advanced investigative techniques.

Missing Person

When you need to find someone, or a person you’ve lost contact with, such as a missing family member, or a friend, it’s usually for an urgent reason. There could have been an accident or death and you need to notify them. Or perhaps they’re a missing beneficiary to a will. There could be any number of reasons why you need to contact them.

We are committed to discovering information that generates leads to contact a person you're looking for. If someone can’t be located within a week or two, we keep the file open in our system and continue investigating until we find more information.

Witness Location

Many court cases depend on witnesses being available. If a witness can’t be found, get in touch. We’ll help to find the witness, wherever they are in Australia. We also have associates who can help with overseas locations.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is an industry term, named after the process of tracking down the location of a person who has “skipped town” – most often to avoid paying a debt or being caught by authorities.  

As skip trace specialists, we utilise a range of investigative methods and resources to successfully locate persons anywhere in Australia. We always use the most up to date and reputable databases in the industry to ensure the details we provide clients are accurate and up to date.

Price Guide

Starting from $299

Inc. GST

Our investigators use advanced techniques and industry leading databases to locate people all over Australia, with remarkable results. We tailor our quote to meet your requirements with no hidden fees. Our skip tracing price includes a detailed report on completion, regular updates and associated costs. We also offer discounts for bulk files and repeat clients.

Need to find someone urgently?

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Case Study

A client had problems with a person stalking them over many years. When our client moved to a new house, they were worried that their stalker might have also moved to be closer to them and asked us to investigate further.

Within 15 minutes, we found the location of the person in question, identified their exact current residential address, and confirmed they had not moved or followed our client. We still monitor the stalker's residential movements to this day, just in case, at no cost to our client.