Missing persons investigation Australia.

People have different reasons for disappearing without leaving an obvious trace anywhere; some of these reasons can be deeply personal, while others come from a place of practicality. A sudden change in circumstances or untoward incidents can be a reason for a person to be unreachable for days or weeks on end. Trying to find someone when you don't know how or where to begin can be daunting and frustrating. Avoid the uncertainty and worry by contacting a professional missing persons investigator to help you. We’ll help locate the missing person for you, wherever they are in Australia.

As a dedicated skip tracing and cyber investigation agency, we can help you find missing persons right across Australia.

Why hire a missing persons investigator?

There are many reasons why someone can become missing or suddenly not easily contactable. A person you know can just abruptly disappear without a trace, leaving more questions than answers. Whether they have gone missing intentionally, fleeing from a dangerous situation, or other factors causing them to disappear, these are often unexpected and traumatic situations for family and friends.

Some people simply choose to start over, others no longer to be contacted by certain people or found with ease, and then there’s those who are genuinely unaccounted for. Data from the Australian Federal Police reports that there are more than 38,000 missing persons reported on an annual basis. Fortunately, around 98% of these missing individuals are found safe and well within approximately a week. It is unfortunate, however, that there are still around 2,600 people who remain missing for more than ninety consecutive days.

Whenever a beloved, such as a family member, relative or friend has become unreachable or missing, who do you ask for help or assistance? Where can you turn for immediate action? Given the sheer amount of work and resources necessary to deliver swift results, many people engage the expertise and resources of a missing persons investigator to assist. When someone is suspected to be missing, time is of the essence, after all.

What are the common reasons for someone to hire a private investigator to locate a missing person?

  • Finding missing family members
  • Finding an old friend or neighbour
  • Searching for a biological parent or sibling
  • Searching for children in custody agreements
  • Emergency missing persons searches

If you need a professional, fast-acting missing persons investigation service to help you and are unsure what the process involves or how to get the support you need, contact us to assist. 8mm Investigations is committed to delivering a client experience that is:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Efficient
  • Tenacious
  • Dedicated
  • Supportive

I need to locate a missing person

Our process and how we locate missing people

At 8mm Investigations, we understand that there are many reasons for losing contact with someone, and every situation is different. We take the time to listen and discuss your case to ensure we help you achieve your desired outcome. Our well defined strategy of operating through a client-centered lens has allowed us to view each and every case with familiarity, flexibility and clarity, giving you complete peace of mind. We are generally able to locate someone you are looking for within a short time frame by utilising the same resources and investigative techniques as our professional skip tracing services.

Number 1

Accurate and relevant data is key

We begin by gathering the pertinent data and empathising with our client – “Now that we have all the information we need, how do we go about this search?”

This is where we utilise our extensive experience in traditional private investigations and inject it with modern cyber-crime technologies and digital forensics to gain, qualify and validate leads.

Apart from making use of what is publicly accessible, such as social media or google searches, we work with paid databases and open-source intelligence, so we can legally gather as much relevant information within all privacy laws. Analysing the data and looking at the clues with a critical and discerning eye is only the start of the process.

Number 2

Efficient and cost-effective investigation

Once we have the necessary data to proceed with the investigation, our skip tracing specialists sift through all the information and seek out the details that can impact the search. The methods and techniques that we utilise are processes that we have developed through advanced training in skip tracing and cyber investigation.

These methods enable us to check our leads and validate information as quickly as possible. Rest assured that our missing persons investigation and family tracing services in Australia is a comprehensive solution to your problems and requirements.

Number 3

Results-driven expectations

From the validation of leads to the successful location of the missing person, we deliver an end-to-end report that contains all the details of the investigation. Regular and consistent updates on the tracing progress is also part of our transparent and guaranteed service to our clients.

Apart from the requested information or required data, our findings are prepared, cross-checked and documented, so you can be sure that the relevant information you need is in your hands. In the event we are unable to locate your missing person when we begin our search, we keep the file open in our system for continuous investigation until we find out more information.